About Protilla

Protilla is the very first database designed by a group of people passionate about the world of plant proteins, for finding the most valuable plant-based ingredients tailored to your products.

We want to help food and cosmetic professionals answering the key question: what is the right plant protein to realize the product I am looking for?

From this idea, we created Protilla Finder, as a database for those who are searching for the ideal plant protein for the desired application.

The pressing global changes are shaping the worldwide awareness of ethical and healthy eating and the commitment of many food experts and marketers striving to find sustainable solutions for alternative proteins made from plants.

Most companies are increasingly showing interest in meatless, fishless and cheeseless products and improving food using plant-based proteins. This is also due to the growth of flexitarian and vegan trends.

Helping you to learn everything you need to know about alternative proteins, based on your own needs

Any matrice such as soy, pea, chickpea has its impact on your final product. For example, do you want to create a vegetable burger? Then you will need a plant protein with certain characteristics and capabilities, such as the ability to gel, foam, or bind to water, for example. Protilla combines these properties and shows you the ideal plant ingredient.

Start now your plant-based protein exploration, and try Protilla Finder, the virtual protein database.

Protilla is just doing this: matching the properties you are looking for with real ingredients

How Protilla helps