Choose the right ingredient based on science and data

Find the right ingredients to create new innovative products. Protilla will show you complete, clear, and standardized information on each ingredient and its functionalities. You will only have to compare them.

A B2B Ingredients database with your customers in mind

Nowadays consumers have higher expectations when buying food. Protilla database will show you the perfect ingredients to meet their needs.

A new way to find the perfect food ingredient

Protilla is the very first database that matches the functional properties of ingredients to be used in food products, from milk and meat alternatives to sport drinks, bakery, pastry, and much more.

We are living an era of food and lifestyle revolution.

Protilla database can be your guide.

Cannot find the right ingredients to make tasty and well-textured innovative food?  Are you looking for any specific added value and functionality? Protilla is the very first B2B database of food ingredients that can help food professionals during their product development. It only has one goal: to connect supply and demand in the food industry to make great food, healthy and sustainable for the Planet.

From meat-alternatives to milk-free products, from sport drinks to bakery products, Protilla leverages on food science and data to find the best ingredients that match the industry and consumer’s needs.


Discover your best food ingredient

Protilla database will show you the perfect ingredient that best meets your consumer’s needs


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